Tuesday, 20 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 20 - Evening Birds

Once again my nature watching has been confined to the garden at dusk! Tomorrow we have a warning for violent thunderstorms so maybe the humidity will break a little after.  In the meantime for 30 Days Wild I have been trying out the app that identifies bird songs and calls that I downloaded a few days ago.

I can't say it was entirely successful. The song needs to be clear and preferably with no other calls going on at the same time but I got one or two good recordings which I know were right as I could see the bird!

Interestingly I kept getting a 30-40% on Nightingales which, although I'd love it to be so, I'm pretty sure we haven't got even in the trees beyond the garden. The song thrush was going up and down the scales though so wonder if they are similar?

So I think it needs trying out a bit more before I can be confident it's giving me the right answer.

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