Monday, 5 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 5 - Bee-Friendly

As I have said before (many times my husband would say) our back garden is quite small, too small for my liking but I do my best to fill it to capacity! Each year I try to squeeze in another plant or two, and this year was going to be no exception so a visit to the garden centre was called for for 30 Days Wild.

I have a small area at the back of the garden where I removed some old lavender bushes a few months ago and, being aware how they were loved by the bees, I wanted to replace them with other bee-friendly flowers. Alongside my little box of salad veggies, some sweet peas and sunflowers, I have sown the area left with some wild flower seeds which are now coming through.

Back at the garden centre and I went to check the labels for the little bee symbol indicating which were bee friends but no need, it was obvious which ones they preferred from their frantic activity! I came away with Lamium (Dead Nettle), Asters, Salvia, Cosmos and a new Lavender which have now been planted alongside the Cranesbills, Scabious and Chives which I have left to flower. I would have loved some foxgloves too but I know they are toxic so not compatible with toddler granddaughter!

I hope these plants will prove a gluttony-inducing feast and I also aim to add a watering station sometime this week. Gotta love our bees!

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