Wednesday, 14 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 14 - Trail Cam

Last year for my birthday my husband bought me a trail cam. Nothing too fancy, we just wanted to see what was coming into the garden at night as we had been feeding what we hoped were hedgehogs. I had also won a hedgehog house from Waitrose and we wanted to see if it was being used.

Since then I have captured a few little videos of hedgehogs and mice.

For today's 30 Days Wild act I thought I'd get the trail cam out again so last night we put the food out as usual - a mixture of crushed peanuts and mealworms - once it was nearly dark otherwise the wood pigeon just takes it all before anyone else gets a look in! I haven't seen a hedgehog in the garden for a few months and the house which was used in the winter doesn't look like it has been disturbed recently. I also haven't seen any hedgehog droppings in the garden for a while. I am hoping that us putting a gate on the garden to keep the granddaughter in hasn't deterred them - we made sure to leave a big enough gap at the bottom.

So this morning I brought the camera in and downloaded the files. As I expected, although with the neighbour's cat staked out most nights I wasn't 100% sure, a mouse visited the food approximate every 5 minutes of the first hour or so and then at regular intervals through the night. The film was very bright though so I need to sort that out. Then at 4:23am the blackbirds I photographed the other day arrived with the mother feeding the baby from the food dish.

No hedgehogs!

I will put the trail cam out again tonight and maybe for the next few nights and move it round the garden a bit. Watch this space!

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