Saturday, 10 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 10 - Gardening With Grandad

Our granddaughter was still with us today so she 'helped' grandad in the garden for 30 Days Wild. We bought her a little set of gardening tools a while ago to encourage her to get a bit grubby - she's a little apprehensive of having dirty hands at the moment!

Along with raking and digging we also showed grandad the bee station we made yesterday and topped it up with some water as it had already gone dry.

The weather was warm and sunny so eventually the sun hat had to go on and her little watering can was being sprayed around with abandon - I'm not sure a single drop actually made it into my pots though!

She smelt the roses and lavender and fed the birds and topped up their water too. We've had a lovely few days and I hope we've made some happy memories for her.

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