Tuesday, 13 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 13 - Nature Apps

I've lost count of the amount of times we have been out on a walk and have heard a bird singing but can't see it. I can pick out the common species - blackbird, robin, chiffchaff but otherwise I'm at a bit of a loss to identify them. I knew there was an app out there that you could record the call and it would give you an ID so today, for my 30 Days Wild act, I decided to check it out, and while I was at it a whole host of other nature and wildlife apps.

Here are the ones I went with - the links are for iTunes just because I have an iPhone but I think most of them are also on Android, and because a list of links looks a little boring I have of course added one of my relevant photos!

Bee Count - Friends of The Earth's Great British Bee Count - ID and log sightings between May and June.

BirdSongID - £3.99, record the bird and the Automatic Recognition identifies it.

BirdTrack - This is from the BTO and allows you to log your sightings and see what others have seen.

British Trees - An ID app from the Woodland Trust

Mammal Tracker - Contribute mammal sightings to The Mammal Society's Mammal Watch project.

Nature Finder - The Wildlife Trusts app giving details and maps of over 2000 reserves.

Stellarium - £2.99 Point your phone at the sky and identify the constellations, stars and planets.

And of course I already have the 30 Days Wild app! Please let me know of any nature apps you wouldn't be without.

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