Monday, 26 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 26 - Curious Creatures

After a heavy day at work I was sitting eating my dinner this evening, half wondering how I was going to fit in a Random Act of Wildness for 30 Days Wild before I fell asleep on the sofa, and I idly flicked on the TV.

Onto BBC Two and there were Kate Humble, Chris Packham, Lucy Cooke with guests for the new wildlife quiz programme Curious Creatures! What a timely tea-time treat!

So, I have now learnt:

  • The most poisonous animal on the planet is a frog and the only predator it has is a snake.
  • Some (herrings) fish fart to communicate.
  • The narwhal's 'tusk' is actually a tooth, and...
  • The capybara is "bigger than a chicken"'and is actually the largest rodent in the world.

Not a bad fact cache for a meal time! 

PS - below is a frog from my garden not a golden poisonous dart frog (in case you didn't guess!)

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