Sunday, 4 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 4 - A Walk to Check on the Nest

A few days ago I went for a walk in our local woods and found a blackbird’s nest left vulnerable after the pathway edges had been cut back.  For my 30 Days Wild act today I thought I would go back and check on the nest.

The walk goes through our churchyard which has a piece of land attached. Last year planning permission went up for a house to be built and someone cleared the area of all the brambles. Nothing has happened so far and the land has once again become overgrown, except this time the brambles have been replaced with Oxeye Daisies. In disturbing the soil conditions must have been favourable for these to germinate and thrive.

We walk on through a meadow. Often cows are put in here to graze but as of yet none have arrived. The meadow still has a few buttercups but is now waist height in places with grasses swaying and whispering in the light breeze.  On into the next field which this year is set with some kind of broad bean. These seem to have grown at least a foot in the sunshine and showers we have had over the last few days.

And then into the wood, the canopy so knitted now it could be any time of day. The cow parsley which a few weeks ago stood over my head with creamy flowers is now collapsing down on itself. The air is alive with bird song but try as we might we can’t spot the singers amongst the dense foliage. A few mushrooms have emerged from the dark damp soil.

As we walk through, with the remnants of cut nettles and brambles shrivelled now on the edges of the path, I look for the nest and its bright – too bright - blue eggs.

It is empty.

Just three feet from the ground, with only one or two leaves between its precious contents and the other woodland wildlife all fighting to survive, it was probably inevitable but my heart still felt a little heavier as we walked home.

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