Friday, 2 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 2 - Feeding the Ducks

Friday is a Nahla day. We look after our little nearly-two-year-old granddaughter every Friday and some Saturdays so I am hoping to incorporate her into my 30 Days Wild as much as I can. I really want to encourage her to enjoy the outdoors and have a love and respect for nature and wildlife. I have fabulous memories of playing in my grandparent's large garden and spending time with my granddad in his greenhouse - the smell of warm ripe tomatoes is still one of my big memory triggers!

Today we decided to pay a visit to, and feed, the ducks. There is a lovely little pond in a nearby village which is home to lots of Mallards and a couple of Muscovy ducks. It is near a playground and the primary school so these are pretty well fed birds! We have been many times before and I have just about managed to persuade my 'old-school' husband that bread is not healthy for the ducks, and hopefully Nahla should grow up knowing that seed and greens are the go-to snacks for these feathered friends too.

She has just about got the hang now of throwing the seed rather than a) holding it out and getting fingers pecked and b) eating it herself!  It would please her immensely if they would stay still and allow her to stroke them but strangely they aren't keen on being cuddled by an enthusiastic toddler!


  1. Little cutie, looks like you had a lovely time

  2. Thank you, she does love the ducks :)