Friday, 23 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 23 - Researching ponds

Today I have been researching small wildlife ponds for 30 Days Wild. We have a bigger raised pond with fish but I wanted to do something to encourage the frogs more. We used to get quite a few in the garden but in recent years we have struggled to find one.

Obviously we have our granddaughter to consider so it needs to be not easily accessible to her but in a suitable location for the wildlife.  I have read various websites recommending in the sun, not in the sun, semi shade, no shade! The jury seems to be out on that but as our garden is small anyway we have limited options.

I think I have decided it should go up near our bug hotel and the wildflower patch. It has lots of places nearby that frogs could use to hide out, it should be protected from little hands but open enough that she can see it.

I have an old washing up bowl that should be ok to use but I want to bury it so it's flush with the ground to give maximum access. Having an interview today and a wedding tomorrow I didn't want 'gardener's fingernails' so this project will have to be postponed for a few days.

In the meantime though while surveying for suitable sites I was really pleased to see some of the wildflowers I seeded a while ago are beginning to flower. I seem to have some oil seed rape in there too along with niger seedlings from the bird feeders but as long as it flowers I'm not too bothered!

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