Sunday, 25 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 24 & 25 - A Wasp Saves the Day & Other Wildlife


I've linked Day 24 of 30 Days Wild in with today (Day 25) purely because I was at a wedding all day yesterday and had no time, nor the correct clothing on, for anything random or wild! However, whilst sitting outside the venue in the sunshine we got 'attacked' by the first wasp I have seen this season! No photo sadly but I promise you it was there!

Today, after a week of no walking due to the heat and well other bits of life that needed attention, I really wanted to get a few miles in first thing and if possible to take the new lens. So off we went to Wicken only to find when we got there that I had forgotten my socks!! My husband was all for turning around and going home but my walking shoes are well worn in so I reckoned I would be ok for at least a couple of miles. I promised I would speak up at the first sign of any blisters so we had chance to walk back to the car before I damaged my feet too much!

The lens was great - it is heavier than anything I've had before so I have to get used to that but actually it wasn't as cumbersome as I thought it would be.

We watched some Konig foals tussling and playing and saw a hare. I would never have got the photos I did on the other lens - the hare was a good way off and between us was a double gateway. I decided not to get too close to start with and knelt down to shoot through the fence. Our scent was carrying on the strong breeze though so after just one shot it was off down the track.

In the end, as we were visiting one of the hides about half way round, my husband insisted we swap and I wear his socks. That's love that is right there! :)

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