Tuesday, 6 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 6 - British Weather

I have a confession. I love the British weather! The wind, rain, sunshine, showers, snow, hail, dry, frost and stormy forecasts all make for interesting landscapes and let's face it conversation! Although at the time I may moan, a bit, about endless soggy days or the sweatiness of a mini-heatwave, I find it exciting but also comforting that the seasons arrive more or less as expected, every three months, every year. Yes our climate is definitely changing but we do still have marked differences as the year goes by.
(Note: as I write this Springwatch is on and saying almost the exact same thing! 😃)

I spent most of today holed up in the office at work, vaguely aware of the rain outside and wondering what my 30 Day Wild challenge would be. Once at home I was standing at the window looking at my battered garden  (it looked so lovely yesterday!) when I noticed the sky changing and I decided to spend half an hour just watching, and photographing, the weather.

The clouds took on edgy forms and the sky turned quickly from lavender grey to blue black across from west to east while the wind grew wilder, bending the willow and its silver birch neighbours. I wondered about the nests being thrown around, hoped their contents would be safe. The peony heads, weighted down with rainwater bruised blooms, almost brushed the lawn and the wayward bough of black elder broke away from its garden twine harness. Then the rain sliced across the view, dashes at forty five degrees.

Within minutes blue holes appeared to the west, sunshine forced its way through splitting the skyline into light and dark. And then, as I knew it would, opposite the sunlight, one arc of colour then another appeared. A double rainbow, the first as vivid as I have seen for a long while, brightened further by the now deepest gunmetal backdrop.

The British weather:  Changeable? Definitely. Boring? Never.

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