Thursday, 8 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 8 - Emergency Flowers

The thing about challenges is they aren't meant to be easy peasy. They require a little thought, planning, commitment, they encourage a step outside that cosy comfort zone. Sometimes a little tiptoe, other challenges may need a huge stride. The 30 Day Wild is a flexible challenge. You can do little acts of random wildness such as reading a wildlife book or collecting interesting stones to bigger gestures such as volunteering at a local hedgehog hospital. There are lots of ideas on the app, online and of course from other challengers. Sometimes the whole day stretches ahead ready to be filled with nature walks and other times life just seems to be getting in the way of even the smallest nugget of randomness.

For me, today is one of just those days!

Work, food shop, chores, voting, cooking, clearing up..... it's days like today where I have to remind myself this is meant to be fun and therefore not to be too hard on myself that I haven't got around to anything more interesting that a quick walk round the garden with the camera. There will undoubtedly be more days like this - we are only on no. 8 after all - but I have added a few acts to my list that don't need loads of time, equipment or commitment, so hopefully next time life takes up too much of my time I will have something to fall back on. In the meantime here are those photos!