Friday, 9 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 9 - Bee Watering Station

It's Friday again so our granddaughter is here and staying overnight. She's two next week so is really becoming a little person now and understands way more than she can convey yet.  I decided I would get her to help make up a bee watering station for our 30 Days Wild Random Act of Wildness today. When I'd visited the garden centre for bee-friendly plants the other day I also bought a shallow dish and I knew we had a bag of stones in the garage from doing the pond.

I gave the stones a clean first then showed her where to put them. She soon figured it out and happily transferred them one by one from the bucket to the dish. We put the dish in a place I thought the bees would find it and I helped her tip the watering can to fill it.

Toddlers and water are a natural combination so I have a feeling that every time we go into the garden now we will be topping it up!! We picked a few flower heads to make it look pretty and again this could be a new routine - let's hope she leaves some in place for the bees!

As we were clearing up we noticed a bee on the chive flowers and I pointed it out to her. She already knows bees go buzzzzz and she bent down to get a closer look. I had to watch carefully as she really wanted to pick it up but otherwise she was fascinated as it moved over the flower and onto the next. It even got a wave bye bye as it flew off over the fence.

This is what it is all about for me.

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