Wednesday, 7 June 2017

30 Days Wild - Day 7 - Work Wildlife

As many of my 30 Days Wild will be spent at work I thought today's challenge would be to see what wildlife and nature I would come across on a typical day at the office.

The building that I work in is in a suburb of the city of Cambridge. It is at the back of a housing estate, next to a primary school.  Until a few years ago it was bordered by fields and farmland with Addenbrooke's Hospital beyond. Then the developers came along with their bulldozers, diggers and big plans! Now there are new houses of all shapes and sizes, a guided busway, new town centre, schools and lots of new hospital buildings. To be fair they have left an area as a nature reserve and a small stream and allotments still run along the back of some of the houses on the estate, but where once we looked out over countryside we now see scaffolding and brick!

The primary school near the office has also expanded but has kept its playing field and we noticed a few months ago that at pair of hares seemed to have moved in. There were hares at one point on the farmland but whether these are the same ones I don't know. I love hares, there is something quite mystical about them and as I pull the car into the car park I often glance over the fence to see if they are about.  Today the weather was brighter, the gardeners were not cutting so I was pleased to see one in the distance. They seem to prefer a certain spot to rest in during the day and, although it is a way back from the fence and path, they are quite obvious against the green grass which is kept cut short. It amazes me how the children and their parents and carers are busy getting to and from school, nobody seems to stop and look. I wonder if the school know they have sitting tenants.

I often go for a quick mile or so walk at lunchtime and sometimes cut through the recreation ground in the middle of the estate. I hadn't been for a few weeks so was happy to see their wildflower patch was in flower. It is such a beautiful addition to the area and one that would be so easy for other parish councils to take on.

Other nature highlights today included a large queen bumble bee trying to get into the office; purchasing BBC Wildlife Magazine; a buzzard hovering over the M11 motorway on the way home; and seeing a beautiful poem on my walking group Facebook page (I think I'll save that one for a rainy day).

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