Friday, 1 April 2016

Small garden wildlife

I saw a fabulous feature on Countryfile last night about a woman who has camera traps set up in her garden. She had captured footage of all sorts of wildlife from kingfishers to harvest mice. It was an impressive garden and a very impressive (and probably expensive) technical set up.  I was totally jealous of both as I stood in my spare bedroom looking out of the window down onto my own small garden wondering how I could ever get anywhere near the sort of film and photographs shown on the programme.

I can never hope to compete. Much as I often dream of a much larger garden we are happy in the home we have had for over 30 years and so I have to work with what I've got!  I hope therefore this blog will also serve as a diary of the wildlife seen on my patch and I hope it will in time be proof that you don't need lots of land or lots of money to attract, help and watch wildlife.

Collared dove nest in our almond tree, 2015

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