Sunday, 21 February 2016

Inland Seal

I’ve heard of seals being spotted in the Great Ouse near Swavesey before but all the times we have walked there I’ve never seen one. Until yesterday. It was swimming up a channel, happily diving under and coming up a bit further along. We thought it was a dog at first as there was a family coming towards us, It swam by, looked up before diving under again. Needless to say I missed it with the camera and not wanting to disturb it too much by following we let it on it’s way.

It is not actually that unusual at all to see seals on the Ouse, although it’s about 40 miles from the sea they are curious and follow the boats, and I guess there is less competition for fish.

Note: Sadly it was reported about a week later that a dead seal had been found.

Just as a record this morning we also saw buzzards, Goldeneye, Pochard and Wigeon.

Goldeneye (M)

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