Saturday, 30 April 2016


The robins fledged earlier in the week, while I was out - isn't that always the way! I thought they would be in the garden somewhere but they were nowhere to be seen. I have to admit I thought the worst until both parents were back in the garden looking for food. I put some suet out and watched where the parents went - miraculously the babies must have made it across the gravel parking area at the back and through a hedge into the land at the back of our house as that's where both parents kept going directly back to.

As I fed and watched the robins go back and forth and take food from right next to me I thought I'd just have another go with my hand. The male (I think), who has a slight hook on the end of his beak (he is also in the photos on the earlier post and is the friendlier of the two), fluttered a few times near my hand then as quick as a flash went down and took some suet.  I was so chuffed! I tried it again and he came quicker this time. Not wanting to stress them too much I left them to it with the suet but the next day he was waiting as I got home so armed with the camera I had another go -

The babies fledged about 4 days ago and whilst the parents are not so frantically feeding they do still appear to be taking food back to the same area. I have been hand-feeding him each day and he will also now take from my daughter's hand. Such a special trust to be given.

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