Sunday, 24 April 2016

Friendly robin parents

The robins have been frantically feeding their young. I had a quick peek the other day and today the babies were on the edge of the ivy so I'm thinking they are going today or tomorrow. Hopefully they will stick around the garden for a few days and I can get some photos. In the meantime the parents, especially dad (I think) are getting tamer. He waits by the back door now, once coming into the conservatory, and has taken some suet from my hand resting on the table. I've also noticed another robin trying to venture in from a neighbour's garden - that's not going down at all well!

Other than the robins, the collared doves have been checking out the honeysuckle again, the blackbirds are also in the garden hunting for food so there must be a nest nearby, probably in the hedge above an old shed as last year. There have also been chaffinches, wood pigeons, great, blue and coal tits and hoards of sparrows in the garden this week. 

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