Wednesday, 31 May 2017


I haven't walked through my local woods for a few weeks and was expecting a bit of a battle through the spent cow parsley, nettles and brambles that encroach on an ever narrowing pathway during the summer. However, it appeared that over the last few days either the parish or county council have been and cut back the undergrowth. Great for walking and not getting stung but not so good for the wildlife! I spotted this nest just at the edge of the path. When it was built it would have been a good foot inside the brambles and almost completely hidden. Now it is scarily exposed and with the brilliance of the blue eggs was quite easily seen.  I looked and listened for any obvious signs of blackbird parents but they were not close by so at first I assumed it had been abandoned but gently laying the back of my hand on the eggs I could feel some warmth so fingers crossed they might hatch and the undergrowth grows back quickly!

Blackbird Nest, Cambridgeshire

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