Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Beach hare

During the spring I am always on the lookout for hares. I follow a few people on Twitter etc who take fabulous photos of these magical animals and I have never come even close! Whilst in Devon though I saw two in as many days and not a field of crops in sight! The first was spotted just as I was leaving the beach after photographing the sunset. I was standing with my daughter looking back down the beach and she said there was a dog running loose (they not being allowed on the beach at the moment). As it came closer though I could see it was a hare. It was running quite fast and crossed right in front of us, going between the rocks and then up some steps into a meadow. I fired off the camera quickly although I knew the settings would be wrong as it had gotten quite dark by then.
Back home and I've edited them as best I can. I have been going to this beach since I was a child and have never seen a hare there!

Hare on Croyde Beach
The second sighting the next day was just as we were about to come home. We had parked the car under some trees for the day right up at the top of the park. Walking back to collect the car we went passed a caravan tucked away on a corner and there was another (or maybe the same) hare resting in a hollow in the grass outside. He sat perfectly still I grabbed a shot on my phone, not seeming at all bothered. Next time I visit I will be on the lookout!

Hare in caravan park, Croyde

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