Sunday, 30 October 2016

A waif and stray

We were driving out with our granddaughter the other afternoon and passed the village green when something moving in the leaves caught my eye. It looked like a tiny hedgehog so I made my husband drive round the green and pull up and it was! I knew it shouldn't be out in the sunshine, and also that it looked too small to be able to make it through hibernation should the weather turn soon. The only thing I had in the car was an old towel so I caught it in that and we returned home to find a box which we filled with straw and some food and water. As it was a Sunday, and the local hedgehog hospital was closed, we left in the shed overnight. The next morning I popped it on my kitchen scales and was surprised to see it came in at over the recommended hibernation weight of 600g but, as it had been out in the daylight, we ran it over to the hospital anyway to be checked.

Our local hedgehog hospital were at bursting point! There were hedgehogs in boxes everywhere but the woman took mine and weighed it again - 149g!! Well no wonder my cakes never rise! I realised after that I had reset the scales as I was walking to the shed and it hadn't registered the bowl.

The hedgehog was found a box and a warming pad and I signed the relevant forms. I have a reference number and I will give them a call next week to see how it's doing. I passed the village green yesterday and I was so thankful we noticed the little thing as the groundsman was out on his ride on mower!

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