Friday, 14 October 2016

A mouse in the house (actually the shed)

We had to move a sack of bird food in the shed the other day and behind it was a mouse nest. It was built mostly of grass, although there was a chewed up plastic seedling pot in there too, and it was attached to the inside of an upturned wooden crate.  The bird food had been infiltrated and the nest was surrounded by seeds. I set the trail cam up in the shed overnight to see if the nest was still being used or if we had disturbed it too much.

The mouse (not sure which sort) didn't appear to be in the nest at the time as he/she turned up about an hour or so later. The trail cam was set off numerous times overnight where the mouse kept returning to the nest to remove food and take it elsewhere. I watched carefully to see if any young might have been moved but pretty sure there weren't. Eventually the nest collapsed from all the burrowing! We felt bad at having disturbed it but it does appear to have just been a food store. When moving its food the mouse was only gone for a few seconds so I assume it has found another corner in the shed to use. The footage below is when the mouse first came back to the now exposed nest. It does look rather confused!

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