Thursday, 18 August 2016

Local fox surprise

We walk in our local meadow and woods a lot and whilst I know there are numerous species living there, apart from the rabbits, birds and insects we have yet to see a badger for instance. Although I have seen a stoat - fleetingly!

A few weeks ago we went for our walk early evening - we are normally morning walkers - and as we entered the woodland my husband saw it first and whispered to me to stand still.  A fox about 25 metres from us. He/she (I think a she) was sitting quite happily watching us. The area has recently had the brambles cut down which helped our view. I stood as still as possible while clicking away with the camera. Eventually the fox stretched, yawned and disappeared into the undergrowth. I was thrilled! I know people who live in towns and see foxes every night but out here in the countryside you often sadly only see them dead at the side of the roads.

We left it a couple of nights then went back. I thought our chances of seeing it again would be slim but I took the bigger camera just in case. We were lucky again. She was sitting low down this time on a pile of cut brambles but she saw us straight away and again didn't seem bothered by our presence.  We've been back at a similar time since but no sign of her, now we know she is definitely there though I shall always go past cautiously just in case!

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