Sunday, 22 May 2016

Famous des res for insects

Remember this?

Well just as I finished my luxury bug bungalow I spotted a competition on Waitrose's twitter feed. They wanted photos of how people were attracting wildlife to the garden so I uploaded my photo and promptly forgot all about it. So surprised then to be contacted by Waitrose's Weekend team to say I was a finalist, and for some comments on how and why I used my old bird table and permission to use the photo for an article. Duly obliged and made a point of popping in the shop the following Thursday to pick up their in-house paper so I could check it out and show the family (well my husband did have some hand in the bird house transformation after all!).

Anyhow, turns out I won! I am now the proud owner of another nature home as the prize was a hedgehog house. We have sited it in a sheltered part of the garden and, in the hope it gets noticed, have been leaving some food nearby. We have hedgehogs in the garden most years, although we've yet to see them so far this year. Someone's eating the food though so fingers crossed they find their rather posh new build soon.

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