Sunday, 30 August 2015

Not another blog?!

One of my other blogs is about walking and I have found that as I walk (and photograph) I have become much more aware of the world around me again and I love it! My husband hunts down the tiniest of insects for me to get macro shots of and together we watch the crimsons and burnt oranges of a stormy sunset over our local fenland.  As a child I went on nature walks at school - do they still? I will certainly be taking my new granddaughter out for rambles to find skeleton leaves, conkers and buttercups when she is big enough. As my grandma did with me, I will teach her the names of flowers and birds, and I will hope that even if she abandons nature for a little while as she grows up and becomes distracted by other things, she will one day come to appreciate our time outdoors and the beauty of nature around her.  At the moment she is still tiny and our talks are more me making basic animal noises and her looking at me open eyed and a little bit confused, but it's never too early I say!

A sunset this week taken from our house

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