Sunday, 4 September 2016

Hedgehog Diary

I have been putting the camera out in the garden over the past few weeks to see how the hedgehogs are doing. As the evenings are getting chillier I also popped some nice new hay into and over the box in the hope it will make it snug and enticing for the winter. I was so pleased when just the next evening the smaller of the hedgehogs decided to pay it a visit. At first he just stuck his head in to have a look but then he definitely went right in. The camera doesn't seem to want to pick up the movement right by the entrance - it's under a shrub which makes it more difficult - but watching for a couple of nights it seemed I did have a house guest! I crawled under the shrub today and had a quick peak and there were snoring prickles in amongst the hay. Whether he/she decides to make it a hibernation home we shall see but I'm chuffed it has at least been found.

I also had some footage showing both the hedgehogs in the same shot. The bigger one is feeding when the smaller ones comes along. They do eat together for a while but the smaller one is nervous, jumping back when the bigger hog snuffles in his direction.


  1. Love your hedgehog videos. I've been trying to do the same in our garden. So far not got them to nest in the box though, although they have investigated it. Still so long as they're healthy and have found somewhere in the garden to nest I don't mind too much!!

  2. Sorry just seen your comment - apologies for not replying! The hedgehog has been in the house over winter - the straw was disturbed this week so I think it has perhaps been for a wander as it has been milder. I'll pop the camera back up again soon. Hope your hogs settled somewhere cosy for winter.